Big News: Synap has Merged with Imagineer Technology Group

Jeremie Bacon wrote this on Feb 22

We are thrilled to announce that Synap has merged with Imagineer Technology Group, the leader in CRM and marketing software for the asset management industry.  Combining our businesses enables us to build on our shared vision of delivering the best cloud-based software and services to a broad variety of industries.  High fives all around for our newly combined team! 

imagineer lockup.png

But first things first: our current Synap customers can rest assured that we’ll continue to serve you and grow the Synap platform you've come to love.

We know that sometimes a merger can mean the end of the road for a startup's product offering, but that's not the case for Synap.  In fact, all Imagineer clients will be able to take advantage of an expanded product portfolio.  Synap customers will continue to experience rapid development for research, account management, and customer success teams, and everyone will benefit from the exhaustive industry knowledge and experience of our integrated teams.  This is a win all around. 

Since we're not consolidating products, you may be wondering why, then, are we putting the two companies together?

The answer is simple: over more than a decade, Imagineer founder Erol Dusi and I built a strong friendship that evolved out of mutual respect, shared values, and healthy competition.  Bringing our teams together enables us to leverage our passion for serving clients and our never-ending commitment to engineering the best cloud-based products in the market. 

So, here are the kinds of things you can look forward to as a result of the merger:

Better products for customers of all types.  Our company now has more products than ever to help account management, investor relations, fund marketing, and due diligence teams work efficiently and get more done. 

Higher quality results.  With our combined expertise in engineering SaaS applications, you will continue to enjoy continual improvements and feature enhancements.

Continued voice in how we evolve.  As always, we invite you to join us in crafting the future together.  Email me personally at  You know how much I appreciate hearing your likes, dislikes, suggestions, and comments about Synap.  Your feedback will continue to impact future innovations.

Accelerated growth and scale. In conjunction with the merger, we also secured a significant follow-on investment from our primary backer, the Kemmons Wilson Companies.

We've teamed up with an incredible group of people who are every bit as committed to the success of our customers as we are.  In fact, one of the other significant benefits of this merger is that we've been able to expand the management team.  I am honored to serve as CEO of the combined company along with Erol Dusi (President) and Avi Giladi (Vice President of Engineering) from Imagineer, and Synap co-founders, Michael Boeke (Vice President of Product), and Matt Mitchell (Chief Technology Officer).

Did I mention that we're excited?  We've had a blast building the Synap platform from scratch and we're looking forward to sharing the next phase of our journey with you and lots of new teammates, customers, and friends!