Chicago Area Relationship Managers Group August Meetup Recap

Lindsey Perez wrote this on Aug 29

Thank you to all those who joined us last Wednesday for the second Chicago Area Relationship Managers (CARM) Group meetup! We (Synap & Voyant Consulting) again felt encouraged in our goal to build an all-inclusive, technology & tool-agnostic meetup group that focuses on post-sales relationship management. The energy and engagement level was high and we hope to keep building on that momentum.

For our second meetup, we decided on trying out a “case consultancy” exercise as our core activity. As with our inaugural event, we wanted to create an environment that fosters meaningful networking and discussion of real issues and topics that relationship managers are faced with. We definitely saw evidence of these two things in action again!


We kicked off the evening with a bit of networking over snacks and drinks. That was followed by three groups breaking out and “consulting” on a real relationship management-related challenge faced by one of the group members. At the end, we all gathered together to share some key ideas and take-aways. Below are some of those, grouped by the general topic that was discussed.

Challenge: Keeping customers engaged throughout the onboarding process

Oftentimes customers come into the process strong, but quickly lapse into being less responsive and active.


  • Incentive programs for adoption that are based on product usage for a specific function
  • Focus on key value for the individual customer, rather than on a checklist of actions
  • Segment your customers and focus on different engagement models that make sense for the different segments
  • Make onboarding framework more modular to adapt to various segment needs


Challenge: Finding internal strategic alignment

It’s important for post-sales relationship managers to work well with other groups, such as sales, marketing, and support. But being on the same page as other groups within your own organization can be difficult.


  • Take a bite-sized approach; find small projects and initiatives to work on together and grow from there
  • Take the time to build some key metrics (such as Lifetime Value of your customers) that demonstrate the value your team brings

Challenge: Gathering actionable feedback from your customers, especially as they're leaving

Lots of people already have NPS or CSAT (customer satisfaction) programs in place, but are they getting you what you need?


  • Consider what specific feedback you’re after - is it feedback on the relationship with the company or brand or the customer’s experience with the product?
  • Different types of feedback mechanisms are better than others at certain times
  • Exit interviews of users or customers you’ve lost can tell you a lot


This has just been a peek into what was covered. As you can see, there were lots of great topics and ideas to examine and act on. Thank you, in particular, to our case presenters for the evening! We hope you got a lot in exchange for sharing a challenge you're facing. :)

Stay tuned for more Chicago Area Relationship Group events by joining our meetup group. And, if you’re interested in keeping the conversation going, reach out to Jim Jones or Lindsey Perez for an invitation to the Customer Success Professionals Slack group!

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