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A self-proclaimed “crummy salesperson”, Alain Stephan learned early on that he’s much better at growing and guiding existing customer relationships using the customer’s own data and story. And as he progressed in his own professional journey, he’s taken that ability to nurture relationships and applied it to building strong account management teams.

Today, he’s the SVP of Customer Operations at DialogTech, a company that provides marketers call tracking, call attribution and insights to improve customer journey optimization. And in his quest to help build a multi-generational company that assists SMB companies all the way to the enterprise, he’s put together quite a playbook for strategic account growth and building great account management teams.

  • Provide organic opportunities for your employees to showcase their talent, motivation and leadership skills.
  • When hiring external candidates, bring people on who know your industry and the industry of your ideal customers, not the best salesperson in the room.
  • Either succeed or fail fast. Don’t waste time in the middle, hanging in limbo.

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