Customer Success pros should be experts first; remarkable likeability comes second

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Through a self-described “wacky, weird path” to customer success, Helen Calvin has become an absolute leader in the profession. Currently the SVP of Customer Success at Jellyvision, she has used her unique background to create a non-traditional approach to hiring, building and scaling her team.

It’s no surprise that building an effective CS team starts with hiring the right candidate. For Helen, the best candidates are a mix of experienced, self-learners, curious and have the ability to become a true expert for your customers. Remarkable likeability is then the finishing touch. Learn a little more about her approach:

  • Identify the problem your customer success team needs to solve and hire for that.
  • As a team leader, take as much time as necessary to hire the right candidate.
  • Understanding what makes your key accounts tick and how to converse with them is crucial to a good customer success professional.
  • Approach strategy from a customer-centric point of view.
  • Celebrate and commiserate with your compatriots at different companies!

Helen’s inspirations, resources & escapes
Malcolm Gladwell
Daniel Pink
Top Chef

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