Customize and configure Synap for the unique needs of your team

Michael Boeke wrote this on Dec 07

Our recent releases included a bunch of features that enable Admins to configure and customize Synap for the unique needs of their teams. Here are three things to look for the next time you’re in Synap.

Default Sorts for your Reports

report sorting.gif 


Synap users can now set the default sort order of any report they create.


This is helpful for cases such as grouping a people report by company name or setting an activity report to show most recent items first - without having to set the order each time you view it.


While composing or editing a report, just click on any column header in the preview area to set the sort order. When you publish the report, Synap will remember the sort order you selected and will display in that order by default for all users. Of course, any user can then adjust the sort order for themselves while they are viewing a report.

Navigation Customization

report starring.gif


Admins can choose which types of entities (e.g. Contacts, Opportunities, etc.) appear in the main navigation menu for their instance of Synap, and choose which report is displayed by default.


Every organization is unique and needs to see the information that is most valuable to their team. Some ideas for how to best leverage this new feature include:

  • Make an Opportunities report that only shows open Opportunities by default.
  • Create a Contacts report that shows People and Organizations modified within the last 30 days, so users only see recently active contacts by default.
  • Make a tasks report that shows only active tasks that are due in the next 14 days, so users can quickly access upcoming tasks from the main navigation.


Admins can select one report for each kind of entity on the Reports page by mousing over the report name and selecting the Star icon. “Starring” a report will create a navigation menu option for that kind of entity, which will link to the selected report. If you would like to remove a menu item from the main navigation, just “un-star” the report.

Keep up-to-date with User Update reports



Admins can now access a User Updates report that displays each field value any user has edited or updated in their instance of Synap.


This report enables customers to monitor changes to your Synap data in a variety of ways. It’s also useful for triggering workflows using Synap’s Zapier integration. Here are a couple of suggested uses:

  • Create a User Update report that shows all changes to a key field today and use that to trigger the addition of a note to the timeline and an email to someone who needs to take action.
  • Employ a User Update report to flag changes to a given field by an “unauthorized user” and email a notification to a team lead and the user.


Admins can go to the new User Updates section of the Reports page to view the default User Updates report or create their own.

What’s next

You can try all of these new features in your instance of Synap today. If you have questions or are interested in trying Synap for the the first time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.