How to drive growth and scale by hunting and farming

Jeremie Bacon wrote this on Aug 24

Shawn Carpenter, Co-founder and CEO of RepIQ, a hot new sales intelligence platform company, has been building SaaS products for years.

During his time as Foudner and CEO at YCharts, and while working on Google’s revenue intelligence products before that, he learned that despite using lots of tools to capture parts of their work with customers, sales and success teams were not capitalizing on the vast quantities of readily available but hard to organize data about those customers. Enter RepIQ... 

Shawn recenty joined us in the studio to offer up insights on how to build and scale your business by focusing on intelligent selling. 

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Here a just a few of the gems from our conversation:

  • Hiring for growth requires you to put diversity first; focus on hiring people who complement their teammates and then get out of the way.
  • Stay hyper-focused on determining and refining your ideal customer profile
  • Use analytics to validate teh success of your assumptions
  • Churn is real. Figure out how to stave it off early so you can reach customer nirvana: negative churn
  • Big data and analytics helps but... don't rely on it too much. Context matters most.

 Connect with Shawn on LinkedIn: or Twitter: @shawncarpenter

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