Introducing new email tools

Michael Boeke wrote this on Jun 08

Synap now offers even more ways to collaborate and report on your team's customer communications, with two useful new features for working with email: email activity reports and adding a note from email.

Email activity reports

It’s often helpful to see your customer communications across your team and across your portfolio. You can now create customizable reports of email messages or threads in Synap. You can filter reports by date, customer, or tag to generate the reports you need.


You can use email reports to find out which of the customers in your portfolio you’ve corresponded with this month (and which ones you haven’t). Or create a report with messages from any customers tagged with “Churn Risk”, and review them all-at-once for insights.

Add notes from email

Sometimes an email message or thread benefits from the additional context you can provide for your teammates. You can now add that context in Synap by creating a note directly from an email message or thread.


When you create the note, it will be automatically filled with the body of the email. Then you can annotate the message, add your insights, tag it and share it with your team.

To learn more about these new email tools in Synap, check out our knowledge base or contact us to get a demo.