Introducing Synap for investment professionals

Michael Boeke wrote this on Jul 06


We are thrilled to announce some big news today: Synap is now available to private fund managers and institutional investors who want a better way to manage their relationships.

Here’s why that’s a big deal

For sales, marketing, and investor relations teams at hedge funds and private equity funds, Synap can help you to streamline your fundraising process and deliver better service to your investors with less effort.

For institutional investors, Synap can help simplify your manager research and due diligence processes by centralizing all the information for your investment relationships.

Building the vision

Our vision for Synap is to be the CRM for everyone who manages relationships. Through our years of building CRM software, we’ve found many commonalities in relationship management across different industries. While the language may differ from one industry to the next, the goals and processes are largely the same.

Our team’s experience is rooted chiefly in two industries: technology and alternative investments. We chose to get started with technology companies because of their propensity to be early adopters of new technologies and tools. Now that Synap has matured as a platform, we are excited to be able to focus on another group of customers that includes private fund managers such as hedge funds and private equity funds, as well as institutional investors such as foundations and endowments.

Rest assured that we are as committed as ever to building the best relationship management platform for customer success teams at technology companies. In fact, we’re excited about helping to cross-pollinate the best relationship management techniques across industries. In particular, we’re interested in the principles developed in the revolutionary shift to customer success in the technology industry, and how that approach can help fund managers to transform their investor relations function into a strategic advantage. You’ll see more on that topic on this blog, as well as at the events we are currently planning, including the next CARM meetup.

In the meantime we want to talk to as many folks in the alternative investment community as possible, to learn about the challenges you’re facing and share a little about how Synap can help. Check out our website for more information or get in touch for a conversation.