Introducing Synap Templates for custom CRM

Michael Boeke wrote this on Aug 02

One size does not fit all - it's as true for your CRM as it is for shoes. In fact, it can be very useful to see different information for different kinds of companies, opportunities, and other entities in a CRM.

For example, an opportunity to onboard a new client may require you to collect a different set of attributes than a follow-on sale to an existing one.

Or perhaps you need to track some additional information for a few of your largest clients or investor relationships, but don't want a lot of distracting "noise" when viewing the profiles of your many smaller ones.

To help with these situations and many others, we're proud to introduce a new Templates feature in Synap.


Templates enable you to easily define a set of Views that can be selectively applied to entities (people, organizations, opportunities, cases, products, funds, etc.) in Synap, as appropriate to your business.

When you apply a template to an entity, such as an Opportunity, then you'll see the associcated View appear as a new tab on that Opportunity. However, no other Opportunities will display that tab until you apply that template to them.

This is a great way to have a bunch of customized views for different situations, without adding a bunch of needless visual clutter to the rest of your client views.

Here are a some ideas for using templates:

  • Different Organization Views for each customer tier or segment
  • Different Opportunity Views for each product you offer
  • Different Person Views for fund managers and high-net-worth investors
  • Different Fund Views for Hedge Funds and Private Equity funds in your portfolio

We're sure that once you try creating your own templates, you'll think of even more ways to apply them to your particular relationships.

If you're interested to learn more, get in touch and we would be happy to show you how templates can work for you.