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In our industry words like “innovative” and “disruptive” are used so often that they’ve begun to lose their edge. But, every once in awhile there is a company who truly disrupts an entire industry, shaking up the incumbents to become a dominant player and setting a new gold standard. In this case, we’re talking about G2 Crowd, the leading peer-to-peer, business software review platform.

Currently Brad Rosen is VP of Success at G2 Crowd. However, he started with the company in early days as a sales rep. Throughout his tenure he’s developed the sales & success teams along with the processes that best support their account management strategies. So, how did G2 Crowd carve out it's space in the industry and what are they doing to nurture their existing customer relationships?

  • Provide value and do right by the buyer, always.
  • Your current customers are the best people to sell to and will have a greater impact on your revenue so invest in customer success and key account planning.
  • Understanding what makes your key accounts tick and how to converse with them is crucial.
  • Driving alignment across teams is imperative to success and it starts at the top.

Connect with Brad
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradrosen1/
Twitter: @BARosen1

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