Money, time, and relationships: new field types for managing customers

Michael Boeke wrote this on Oct 27

One of the most important requirements for any productivity tool is the flexibility to customize it to meet your needs. Every business develops unique processes to manage its customers. So you need to be able to track all of the information that relates to your unique processes, and then report on that information in a variety of ways. That’s why we include customizable fields and flexible reporting as part of the core of Synap. 

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We’re constantly building and improving Synap based on feedback from our customers, so we’re excited to announce three new field types to help track and report on the information that is especially important to account managers and customer success managers.



We’re all in business, in some form or another, so money is one of the most critical things we need to track. With the new currency fields in Synap, you can easily and accurately track contract amounts, product prices, and other financial information. With support for all the major international currencies, Synap has you covered no matter where you do business. You can also build reports to get aggregate amounts, and shoot them out to Excel for complex modeling or to collaborate with your finance team.


Dates are key to account planning and other processes, such as contract renewals and customer health checks. You can use Synap’s date field to get the exact reports you want, filtering by date ranges or by relative dates (e.g. “Last 30 days”). 

Multiple links

Sometimes you need to track the relationships between people and companies. Synap’s link fields can help you to track those relationships and make it easy to navigate between related contacts. We’ve improved link fields so that you can have a list of multiple people or companies as a value for a field. So if you need to keep track of a list of vendors or subsidiary companies, the link field can accommodate you.

If you want to get started with any of the new field options, they’re already available on the people and organization records you’ve added to Synap. If you haven’t signed up for Synap yet, you can get started with a free trial right now.