Orchestrate your customer account management tasks in Synap

Michael Boeke wrote this on Apr 26

One of the most important aspects of managing customer relationships is orchestrating all of the different tasks and follow-ups required for each customer in your portfolio. The new Tasks feature in Synap helps account managers, customer success managers, and other relationship managers to quarterback everything that needs to be accomplished for their customers.

Working with Tasks

You can easily add tasks to any customer you work with, as well as any associated opportunites, account plans, or business reviews in Synap. This helps keep your own tasks organized by customer or account, and your teammates and colleagues will be able to see what’s going on with customers without having to pester you for an update.


Sometimes you just need a reminder, so you can assign tasks to yourself. Other times, you need to request help from a teammate or a colleague on another team (and have a record to hold them accountable for delivery). In those instances, you can assign the task to other Synap users and even set a due date for completion.

If your teammate has a question about a task, or if you have some information that will help move things forward, you can also add comments directly to any task.

Keeping track of tasks

task_notifications.pngWhen someone assigns a task to you, Synap will send you a notification. You’ll also get a reminder when your task is coming due, or when any of the tasks you’ve assigned are completed.

In the extremely unlikely event that someone doesn’t complete a task by its due date, both the creator and and the person assigned to the task will receive a slightly more noticeable notification.

In addition to notifications, Synap makes it easy to see your tasks organized in the context of each of your customers or teammates. You can see all the tasks that your company has created for a customer account or opportunity. You can also see all tasks assigned to yourself or to a teammate, and filter task lists by status.


Getting started

Synap users can find the new tasks feature in the app already. Just look for the ‘Tasks’ tab on your customer accounts, opportunities and account plans and check out this help article for more info. If you are not a Synap customer yet, and would like to learn more, get in touch today and we’d be happy to show you a demo!