Synap marching to the beat of some great new features this March

Lindsey Perez wrote this on Mar 16

Key account management and customer success are always on our mind. And this means that every new feature we roll out is specifically created to help you better manage your customer relationships. 

Where it's @!

I got two turntables and a...notification. Maybe that's not exactly what Beck had in mind, but we think @mentions are where it's at. It is now easier than ever to collaborate with teammates in Synap. When you're typing up a note or commenting on an activity, just type an @ and your teammate's name to direct a question or comment to them. Upon saving the note or comment, they will receive a notification. This lets you keep your internal conversations about what's going on with your important relationships in context with everything else and has the added benefit of making a record of who was notified on things and when. 


Haven't met you yet

For those times when, like Michael Buble, you have people you just haven't met yet, you can now manually add people to Synap. While the best way to add contacts to Synap is still to "share" them from your email contacts, we understand that may not always be possible. You may have some contacts that are leads, with whom you have not yet made email contact, but that you want to start tracking in Synap. Users can do this from the People tab of an organization or from the main People list.  

We have also updated the manually add organization option to allow for the entry of a domain. This means you still get the automatic enrichment of information for these contacts and it helps guard against duplicate records. For more information, check out this help article.

Like a bridge over... a related entity. Wanting to see more organization-level information in views or reports for people or opportunities will no longer lead you to troubled water. Rather, with our newly added bridged field options for link fields, you can enrich your views and reports with as much information from the other linked entities as you would like. 


One of the best uses of this is for filtering down a person report based on attributes of the employers for the people. For example, I would like to see a list of all of the people who work for organizations that are customers. See our help articles on custom views and reports for more information on how to use these new fields. 

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