See and Seize Opportunity: keys to success in business and client relationships

Jeremie Bacon wrote this on Aug 31

Kristi Ross is Co-CEO and President of tastytradean award-winning online financial media company that produces eight hours of live, entertaining programming every single day.

Kristi and her team are leading a financial revolution to change the culture of investing and debunk the myths around active vs. passive investing. 

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She recently joined us in the studio to talk about her journey and the building blocks of success she uses to build teams, businesses, and successful customer relationships. At the heart of it all: the ability to see and seize opportunities as they present themselves to you.

Some of the highlights from our conversation include:

  • Every stage of your life and career is a building block, plan and prepare!
  • People really matter; surround yourself with great ones
  • Setting and managing expectations with clients and teammates is critical to success
  • Opportunity is everywhere but you have to grab it and do something with it
  • Nobody is great at everything. If you want to get good at something, you've got to practice, practice, practice
  • Every business decision you make must always be about the customer

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