The value of being a customer-centric company from day one

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Having spent the past nine years with kCura, a leading e-Discovery software company, Nick Robertson has experienced everything associated with creating and scaling a company. Currently serving as COO, Nick leads the customer group at kCura. In this role, he works closely with marketing, sales, and customer success and support to deliver an exceptional experience for the Relativity community.

So, how does kCura deliver an exceptional experience for its global community? In this episode of Journeys, Nick shares how the company has grown while maintaining a customer-centric approach and delivering the intimate customer experience they set out to create from the very beginning.

  • Managing expectations & experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle is imperative to success, especially during a company’s early days.
  • As a leader, don’t be afraid to take support calls! Building a customer-centric company starts from the top but you need to understand a customer’s experience from the ground up.
  • Be adaptable, both with your business and product, but also with your own internal processes.

Nick's favorite resources
The breakthrough company: How everyday companies become extraordinary performers, Keith McFarland
Who: the A method for hiring, Geoff Smart

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Twitter: @_nickrobertson

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