The VC ecosystem: It's all about teamwork

Jeremie Bacon wrote this on Apr 20


Show notes

This week’s guest comes to us from Hyde Park Venture Partners. Guy Turner is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Chicago-based venture fund. As with any VC relationship, success is based on collaboration between investors and companies, working in tandem as a team. As both an entrepreneur and an investor, Guy has a unique perspective on the VC ecosystem. Take a look at a few of his insights and predictions:

  • Tenacity, openness to opinions & ability to attract talent go a long way to being a successful entrepreneur.

  • You don’t have to be considered a “unicorn” to be successful. The point is to build a great business, not hit a specific valuation.

  • Two types of startups do particularly well: Small, young companies who work hard and have real experience in their industry and serial entrepreneurs who have the knowledge coupled with the expertise.

  • It's a team effort: Companies do best with a checks-and-balances system stemming from multiple founders and investor funds vs. a solo founder and one large investment round.

Learn more about FarmLogs, the portfolio team Guy introduces at 3:06.

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